Steps to build social media strategy

Steps to Build Social Media Strategy

Steps to Build Social Media Strategy

One of the best tools in the marketing arena is social media. If utilized effectively, you can connect closely with your potential customers. A PR disaster or mayhem can take place if you jump into the pool of social media without a proper plan of action. This results in a complete waste of time. To be at the top of your game, you should do clear strategy planning. You should keep a tab on how much progress your customers are making and how much competition are you pitted against.

Here are some tips to help you

Understand your goals

First step is to think what is that you exactly want to accomplish? What is your purpose in life? Is it increasing the loyalty factor of customers or is it spreading awareness about your brand? If your purpose of social media marketing is fulfilling or not? Is your motive to increase retention? Do not wander about aimlessly; otherwise you will not reach anywhere.

Create measurable objectives

Next step is to plan your objectives according to the goals you set. Once you have framed a definite goal in mind, focus on the objectives. Make sure your objectives are to the point, can be measured, are attainable, can be associated and according to time.

Characterize your customers

A social persona is important to build. For if you do not target the right audience, you shall not reach your desired outcome. And the message you send across, should also relate to the respective audiences. If the technology-savvy people are your choice of crowd, then you shall look forward to focusing on the young professionals and not everyone in the range of 18-35 years. Create a buyer persona and accumulate all the information about them. Their likes, dislikes, what motivates them and what enables them to become ideal customers is to be taken into account.

Look at the competition

Competitors are your best teachers. After all, both of you are trying to impress the same set of audience. So, it gives you a clear idea about what works for whom and what does not. So, it shall help your product reap maximum benefits and embrace the art of improvisation.

Develop your messages

We can start to build the message as now we have sorted everything. Here we are not talking about content in detail, rather it is the set of messages   which shall help connect with your customers based on their profiles created. Two or three messages are to be selected, broken down into simpler chunks and made a part of a simple messaging hierarchy. You could steal a few ideas from successful competitors of yours, but originality shall be appreciated in the true sense and make you feel proud of yourself.

So the above mentioned five steps to build social media strategy can help you boast your company brand and social presence. TranzDigi can help you with the same. Click here to view the list of Services TranzDigi has to offer.

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