7 Reasons your Business needs to be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be a strong tool for people and businesses seeking to make new connections, create leads, and builds their brand. While it is an essential platform for many companies, LinkedIn can be a real game changer for B2B businesses.

7 Reasons your Business needs to be on LinkedIn

Importance of LinkedIn in B2B marketing.

In accordance with the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report;LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the no 1 most crucial social platform for B2B marketers. Whilst only 21% of Business-to-consumer marketers mentioned LinkedIn as their #1 stage; 41 percent of Business-to-business marketers put it in the of their own list.

LinkedIn is the 3rd most popular social platform among business owners.

In accordance with the Sales force 2015 State of Marketing report; LinkedIn is the 3rd most frequently social network used for business owners. With 62% of company owners reporting they use the system, and an additional 22% saying they intend to utilize it in the next calendar year; the usage of LinkedIn as a valuable business tool shows no sign of slowing down.

Linkedin is more efficient platform for product launches.

Are you still relying upon traditional media releases to spread the word about new products? . Social network – and LinkedIn particularly – has a huge effect on the way we distribute product news and info to bloggers, media and consumers.

According to a survey by Regalix, LinkedIn has become the number 1 stage used for product launches among B2B companies. A whopping 81 percent of Business-to-business companies say they use LinkedIn for releases; compared to 71% who use Twitter and only 54% that use Facebook.

Recruit right group of individuals from LinkedIn.

While job boards and career web sites have generally been among the top channels for finding qualified job applicants, the usage of social professional networking sites for recruiting has exploded within the past 4 years. According to LinkedIn’s own research, these sites have seen 73% increase in employment recruiting use, compared to an increase of 15% for online job boards and 16% reduction for staffing agencies.

LinkedIn is the very best platform for lead generation.

2012 research by Hubspot discovered that LinkedIn referrals traffic had the highest visitor-to lead rate of conversion among social networks sites, greater even than Facebook or Twitter. They discovered that LinkedIn had typical conversion rates of 2.74%, in comparison to Facebook’s 77% and Twitter’s 69. When these numbers will probably have changed within the past 6 years, there is no doubt that LinkedIn carries on to induce a substantial number of leads for business – especially in the B2B space.

LinkedIn is the perfect network for establishing thought leadership.

As a crucial channel for specialist content distribution, there is no longer effective network for setting yourself along with your brand as a leader in your industry. LinkedIn groups Enable you to position yourself as a reliable influencer in the niche, and recommendations and endorsements can go quite a distance to solidifying your reputation as a reliable entity.

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for content distribution.

B2B Marketers prefer linkedin to distribute their content as compared to other social media channels. This is due to its effectiveness as per a study by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. Sharing content on linkedin makes you stand right in front of your connections and followers. You can leverage this by using LinkedIn Ads. TranzDigi also help businesses to Increase the number of Followers on their Business / Brand Page.

We at TranzDigi are convinced that investing on Linkedin is a worthwhile investment for your business. It can just only be used to make connections but also to attract new opportunities and distribute your content. All in all Linkedin is an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy

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