Top 5 Reasons why your Brand Should be on Instagram

Instagram as a social media platform started with teenagers using it for their personal hangouts. The scenario is however not remained the same now. Because we now see more and more brands utilizing Instagram to its full potential to get engagements as well drive sales and conversions. Therefore, Instagram now is a serious social networking site with great promise for businesses. Engaging visual content is the prime source of Instagram engagement.

Top 5 Reasons why your Brand Should be on Instagram

In this blog we are outlining 5 primary reasons why your brand needs to be on Instagram:

Number of People on Instagram

Instagram spans around 800 million users worldwide, of which 500 million use the platform use the platform on a daily basis. Hence, missing out on Instagram will make your brand lose out on a major chunk of targeted people. Internet users spend more time on Instagram than on any other app (Except Facebook). For businesses looking to dominate in a more niche, image-centric network, Instagram offers a huge opportunity.

Direct Money from Instagram

Instagram has evolved over the years, and now there is a greater emphasis on making money through product placement. Instagram allows you to post direct product ads with “Shop Now” tags which helps businesses to drive sales to the site. Catchy captions and attractive images furthermore increase your chance of sales especially on a platform like Instagram.

Instagram is all about “StoryTelling”

People love stories. Give them your brand story and they will love it too. Now that’s the beauty of Instagram. The more you engage through insta stories the more emotionally connected your audience will be.  Sharing visual content is the best way to let your audience know what you’re about and build a relationship with potential future customers and ambassadors.  Embrace the potential that Instagram offers to encourage an emotional response to your brand, and you’ll see a positive impact on the success of your business overall – from visibility through to sales and returning customers.

Appealing Visual Content is the key to Instagram Marketing

Instagram is all about beautiful things. You cannot afford to be “Just plain text” if you wish to thrive on Instagram. Visual posts produce 650% higher engagements than text only posts. Give your fans the amazing content and keep them longing for more. This will make them come back to you again and again. Use Instagram to test what resonates with your audience and develop your branding across the board.  You can incorporate the imagery you use on Instagram into other marketing channels, such as your blog and email newsletters.

Keeping Check on Competitors

Instagram serves as a great tool in keeping an eye on your competitors and check how they interact with their followers. So use the platform to follow their activity to see how they interact with their community. What content do they post? When? How often? How do they engage with their fans? Do they have an Instagram contest running? By answering these questions you will be able to discover some best practices in your industry and define your own creative strategy.

So, that’s it! We hope we have given you all the important reasons for your brand to be on Instagram. You are only ignoring millions of potential customers by not joining this powerful social media platform. Take the tips you learned here and use them to start building your Instagram presence.  For more help you can contact us at “Tranzdigi”A Digital Marketing Agency in Thane, Mumbai.  We wish you all the best with your Instagram marketing!

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