Getting Started With Social Media

Getting Started With Social Media

Social media is here to stay and it has some pretty elaborate benefits for small businesses. It is easy to do once when you get started. But how to get started is a question in itself?
You should be clear on the lines that you are thinking and why do you want to use social media? There are many tangible benefits using social media which business owners usually overlook.
TranzDigi helps business owners approach social media as social selling. This includes the right channel selection to goal setting and regular content posting. We can summarize the same into three simple stepssocial media

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Set Goals
  3. Develop a strategy


Educate yourself

While there is a multitude of social media networks you don’t have to join them all. In fact, its in your best interest to keep the list as small as possible and focus one channel at a time. This could work in the following way.
• Setup your LinkedIn profile and start connecting to your friends both personal and professional
• Start a business page on Facebook as a simple step
• Create an Instagram profile and don’t forget to connect it to your Facebook page. Every time you post a photo on Instagram select the Facebook option to post it there too simultaneously. This will help you reduce your time on social media and there will be a uniformity in your postings as well.

Set Goals

People buy from people who they know, like and trust. Becoming one of those that others know, like and trust … That’s the point of social business. ~ Jason Falls

Social media is very dynamic. With the help of social media you can take personal and professional relationship to the next level of engagement. Repeat customers is the best source of income for business owners, so its essential to treat them wisely. You have to set some goals for the same that you intend to accomplish. These goals should be precise and measurable.

Develop a Strategy

With the core element of social channels in place you now need to create a need for people to stay connected with you. A well defined strategy or the blueprint is a must for an effective social media presence. Ex: if doubling your community is your goal then your strategy should be defining all the elements that you need to get there.
Develop a content calendar
You r content calendar should consist of different content buckets. Each content bucket should speak of a particular service/product or agenda. The ultimate agenda is to drive engagement finally leading to conversion.

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