SEO Myths busted

7 Biggest SEO Myths Busted

SEO Myths busted by TranzDigi Digital Marketing Company in Thane Mumbai


People have many wrong notions about SEO.  Many facts are responsible for their misguidance. These constitute to the SEO Myths. A SEO procedure to induce meaningful results requires planning. Whereas a quick campaign shall only cause destruction and eats up more time in attempt to repair the damage caused.

Let us take a look at 7 myths regarding SEO which have finally made it to the limelight.

Link Building is dead

The myth stands that Google does not participate in link building for SEO at all. Your content should be good enough for your links to gain popularity naturally. It is said an SEO company taking part professionally in link building, does not actually help in the situation. The truth is that no matter how much Google denies the fact links are being dumped into history now, link building shall always play a vital role in the journey of online marketing. However, the links should be from reliable sources consisting of good quality information so that it allures actual traffic to your website.

Clicks do not affect your rankings

The online marketing industry has put its thinking cap on the fact that click data is a jumbled and confusing issue as Google is unsure about whether SERP click through rates have any effect on the rankings of the website or not. This is what the myth tells us. The truth unfolds to let us know that clicks do matter. If a person has been searching for a particular keyword and clicks on the first search result but goes back on not finding the information useful and hovers around the second search result for a longer period of time, the second search result gains prominence and makes it to the top within a short span of time. Click through rates however might not last in the long process but it should be your personal motive to optimize your snippets for better clicks.

Everyone uses the same terminology as you do

The myth goes like everyone is using the same keywords while hunting for a solution to their problem. Real people i.e. the consumers shall use terms very different from that of a business owner. For eg: ophthalmology is a good term for usage and is searched in volumes. But truth states that a common man with an eye problem shall definitely type and search for the term “eye doctor” which is easy to understand as well as type. It shall be of more relevance to him in terms of wanting to avoid complications. Even terms like “eye exam” or “eye problem” are more suitable for his use.

There is no SEO value in social Signals

The myth is that the social strata concerning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are in no ways related to the rankings of a particular website. They do not affect the graph of a website rising to the top or hitting rock bottom. But the truth unveils that Google does definitely use the social media card to up his game of ranking! Thus, the wrath of Facebook or Twitter is difficult to avoid and you should make place for it in your strategy box labelled SEO.

Guest blogging is obsolete

The myth is that guest blogging is an inadequate method of trying to obtain links. It is like trying to gain attention by resorting to unfair means! The truth however is that, Google does not judge by guest or no guest but by the quality of content. As long as the content is good and relates to your target audience and makes sense is all manners and as long as you fulfil all the rules and regulations of penning down your thoughts as a guest, it is completely fine. It is not the link but the relationship or connect you create, which matters the most!

One-time SEO effort is enough

Perhaps your SEO campaign provided you with satisfactory results. Perhaps your SEO campaign disappointed you with dissatisfactory results. Either ways, you felt like leaving the cake half eaten as it no longer piques your interest. This is a wrong approach and demands immediate change. Because SEO requires time and patience. It craves continuous efforts to finally display valuable results.

You will be penalized for duplicate content

The seo myth proclaims that any sort of copied content shall result in penalties from webmasters as it has a bad effect on the rankings. Your website will be blacklisted for good. But the reality is that duplicate content goes down well with certain websites as long as your motive is not purposeful deception or scooping content illegally from other websites and messing with search Engines.

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