Types of Content that drives traffic to your website

Types of Content that drives traffic to your website

Content is the king in Digital Marketing. Content marketing is considered the heart of a Digital Marketing campaign and hence given priority by Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. No wonder businesses and brands are looking at unique ways to create and promote content as well as provide Content writing services in order to sway the crowd and steer the user traffic to their websites. A research suggests that while 69% of marketers are creating more content than they were a year ago, only 27% have a documented strategy. That said, content is booming with 65% of respondents saying they’re better converting visitors on their websites and 62% saying they’re creating more engaging and higher-quality content.

The focus here is on the type of content. With so much content being published day in and day out in this crazy web world, what can make your content stand out? It’s a prime strategy that is used by majority of the SEO Agencies in Mumbai. Let’s find out what tricks can you use in order to drive the internet traffic to your website.

Types of Content that drives traffic to your websiteMemes

People love something that can make them laugh. Memes are hilarious and they go viral at the rate of knots! And guess what? They’re pretty easy to make too. With the relevance of your brand and target audience, you can design and create memes and watch the drama unfold.


Users love the idea of list-posts because they can predict what will come their way. Not only do these posts deliver you information, they give you the best of the information. It is estimated that nearly 30% of articles on the web are lists. Therefore it is unlikely to go wrong in this case.


A study suggests that after three days, a person would retain only 10-20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65 percent of visual information. It makes sense for marketers to use visuals and infographics to send across brand messages, as these have a high retention value.

A tutorial post (How-to)

An article, a video or a visual inforgraphic teaching something has become a go-to tool in the content creation industry. People use the internet in order to learn something, so such posts will have an apparent popularity. These posts are also great for organic traffic, as search queries often start with “how to…”

Controversial / Opinion posts

Opinion based articles let you rant a little and can cause a little controversy with your views, which in turn is going to make the people share the article and make it viral. In fact the more critical the post, the more widespread its circulation will be.


If infographic visuals can be impactful, imagine how effective videos would be. A good video sends across a clear and comprehensive message to the watchers. The watchers can retain the message for a longer time, with them having to do just about nothing. Good videos can be astonishingly persuasive.

Interactive Content

Engaging the audience with your content will invite a lot of shares, referrals, and comments. Involve the audience via personality quizzes, polls, and trivia, and get them to interact on social platforms and websites. The marketer has to understand that the topic of the content is relateable and relevant to the target audience.

 And this is not the ‘be all & end all’ of content. We live in a world of internet which is mad, and any new post has the potential to go viral. Any new type of content could become a trend. The idea is to keep the content fresh and original, something that connects the potential buyer to the brand. Content has a huge responsibility of communicating with the target audience and also influencing the audience to act.



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