Why PA and DA are important in SEO?

PA DA: Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are both important metrics for measuring and monitoring the search engine optimization of content on your website. Many methods are taken into consideration for improvisation of page ranking. But keeping a strict check over these websites is also essential.


(PA) Page Authority

Page Authority likely measures the ranking strength of a single web page. The entire attention is upon a single page only. The measurement is possible with the help of a difficult algorithm. This algorithm is based upon factors like link counts and other tools like mozTrust and mozRank. In order to improve the algorithm parameters, a comparison has to be made between the actual and predicted rankings.

The algorithm undergoes changes in this manner. When the PA score is the most, it spells good news. And if the PA score is the highest, then the chances of it ranking well in the search results becomes double. On a logarithmic scale of 100, the transition from 20-30 holds a greater value than that from 70-80 or 80-90. Various SEO platforms boast of containing PA metrics. Its presence is also noticed in the online marketing arena. A PA score continually keeps changing.  These scores keeps fluctuating, so don’t be surprised.

(DA) Domain Authority

Now let us discuss about Domain Authority (DA).While Page Authority takes only a single page into consideration, Domain Authority is responsible for an entire domain or sub-domain. The blueprint of domain authority is again another complex dynamic algorithm. Measurement is via tools like Open Site Explorer or the SEP toolbar called MozBar. DA calculation involves more than 150 variables and the actual Google rankings can be highly improvised by refining and polishing this algorithm.

The PA and DA scores define the ranking strength of a website. When a particular score keeps rising, then it is most likely to outshine its other competitors. The effectiveness of SEO can be checked via PA and DA score comparisons. The pages of other market monsters can be matched against the PA score of your website and a conclusion of which is better and by how much can be drawn from it. In case of a DA score, your domain competes against other peer domains. To jump the gun on the highest rank bets, the score has to be high.

However, both PA and DA play the role of vital tools to enter into the books of good ranking by Google. Each has its own importance which cannot be avoided.

Domain authority measures the predictive ranking strength of domains and sub-domains. Whereas, the Page Authority measures the strength of an individual page. To conclude, DA and PA play a major role in search engine results page rankings.  Hence, both are an important part of SEO.

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