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Given a thought, whenever we speak about prospering our business and promoting our brand, we usually never mention Quora. Often, marketers turn a blind eye towards this question and answer forum, which doesn’t seem like an important tool for them. Alas! This can be their worst mistake. Quora has nearly 1.5 million visitors per month, which means that there are 1.5 million people who can discover your brand and eventually become prospective leads. The recent digital marketing trends have seen a huge shift, with its focus increasing on Quora.

What marks a difference and gives Quora a distinctive edge over other question and answer forums, is that its content is highly monitored. There are timely quality checks for the content and the user profiles are checked stringently, which makes sure that any query or answer is coming from a verified and reliable source. Building up your brand’s presence on Quora will tag along a number of perks with it, from increasing awareness about your brand to boosting traffic and generating leads overtime. Along with these, given below are 7 solid reasons why you should incorporate Quora in to your marketing strategy ASAP!  


Gives a substantial exposure to your brand

Quora is no less than a large community that is built on trust, where its members can rely on each other for any sort of answer or information. The mantra on Quora is simple – be in sight to be in mind. When you give relatable and informative responses on Quora, you automatically increase your brand’s credibility. This suggests that the more queries you reply to, more are your chances of being noticed. Holding meaningful conversations with your audience will establish your brand as an expert in your field.

However, overselling your brand on Quora is a big no-no. There is a thin line between promoting and overselling your brand, and you must be careful not to cross it. The community on Quora dislikes self-promotional material and is distrustful of marketers. Follow the lines of a ‘less is more’ strategy while marketing on Quora. Keep in mind, providing informative answers > speaking about your brand in detail. This will organically build your brand credibility and pull users to your site.

Quora can help improve your search result rankings

If you have noticed, Google search result page usually includes Quora posts among its highest ranking sites. This means that Quora can act as a major SEO tool that will drive organic traffic to your site. Along with this, you should make strategic use of relatable keywords to better your chances of appearing at the top results. Keywords are essential to boost your rankings, and abandoning them while blabbing about your brand, with little or hardly any connection to the question asked will curb your chances of ranking high.

Reach out to crucial influencers

The trend of influencer marketing is soaring high this year, and Quora can be a great source to find key influencers for your brand. There are a number of users who are classified as key contributors by Quora, because of their top-notch and informative answers. Users easily trust on these key contributors as they have proved their credibility time and over. You should go ahead and answer their queries or comment on their responses to connect and engage with them. This is one way to get in touch with them, or you can also straight away ask them if they would be interested to help you promote your brand.

Amplify your content with Quora

If the content and the blog posts are of premium quality, Quora is just what you need, as it will help you escalate your content. The trick is to be low-key and introduce your website subtly in your answers, rather than bluntly saying ‘visit my website for information regarding this topic’. Your answers should be worthy and interesting enough, only then the users would be curious and motivated to visit your website. You might have fantastic blogs regarding the question asked by someone, but it is primarily your answer that will ultimately lead them to your site.

Alongside the answer, you can link your content stating that you have written about it in more detail on your blog. You can also crowdsource your material by using Quora. You can ask users to share some tips or inputs regarding a blog that you are writing; doing this will make them feel valued and users feel like they have actively contributed to a blog post, increasing the likelihood of sharing it themselves.

Gain insights into your target audience

Quora is your savior, let us tell you why! Quora is a great platform that will give you a deep insight of what your audience needs. Bid adieu to conducting expensive and complicated surveys, or playing the guessing game, and let your audience directly tell you about their needs. This is a gold mine which will give you an invaluable source of information, regarding the kind of content that your audience will find engaging.

Take a close look at what people are asking, if numerous people are addressing a similar question, see whether your brand can be the solution to it. Their questions, their answers, they way they think, what they use, and what they need, figure these out to know your audience better. Knowing them better will help you cater to their problems, and thus your brand will continue to stay relevant.

Gives you a plethora of content ideas

If you are going through a writer’s block, or unable to decide what to write next, Quora is a great place to be and scroll through. You will surely stumble upon some good content topics to ideate. If a number of people are asking the same question, you can take up that topic and write a detailed blog about it. With this, you can also link your blog to your answer to further amplify it.

Establish your thought leadership

Thought leadership is a badge every marketer yearns for their brand. A thought leadership will make your brand an authority in your field and will also raise its trust quotient among your audience. One of the best ways to establish a thought leadership is through Quora. Imparting informative answers exhibits your hold and expertise on the subject.

A lot of brands are unable to build thought leadership, as they struggle to steer a conversation that is inclined towards their brand’s offerings. This is where Quora helps them, as there are conversations which already exist there and you just have to contribute to it. Although building a thought leadership is a difficult task to accomplish, the payoff makes it all worth it.

Quora is essential for any brand to build their digital presence, and even more so for a start-up, as it will help users come across your brand. Use this platform optimally and it will benefit you in more than one way.  For any further assistance you may connect with TranzDigi – a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai.

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