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There are all sorts of ways to make money from your blog or website. But, the method has not remained the same as it was back in 2009. Simple and straightforward content do not help you get enough engagements, you need to be smart and strategic to get your job done. Following are the ways that would help you to make money with SEO in 2019:

Make Money with SEO |  TranzDigi Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai.

Create a website/ Business with is search oriented

Here, we mean that you need to find or create a business/ website in which people are interested in. The keywords you use should be highly searched in order to drive generic traffic in large volumes. The website should be devised and maintained in a way that once a user emters your website, he should be forced to sign up, buy, subscribe, and fill up a form or whatever you want him to do. Your website should be converting revenue wise to you!

This can be achieved by the following steps:

  • Conduct a keyword research and build a keyword research list of keywords with high search volumes relevant to your business
  • Give a better user experience using the selected keywords on your website in order to outwit your competitors.
  • Take help from bloggers, influencers or other means in order to publish and promote your content.
  • Make sure that the words and phrases that you’re going after, especially early on, are not ones where you have to compete with Google themselves.

Brand Demand rather than just generic searches

Overtime, it should create a branded demand rather than just generic searches. People should be typing for on Google rather than just I need “example”. In this you would have a competitive advantage that is sustainable with time and will also provide huge amout of protection for you as a business owner. This creates your brand and furthermore leads to quality searches, followed by conversions.

Strategize on Related Keywords

Step three; finally, find what customers do before they search for these high-value keywords to you, high competition keywords around your topics. What do they search for before they get to that? What do they search for around that stuff? How can I capture this customer prior to that money search? Then I can create a new keyword research list and a new set of content that I’m going to create to target those people, which will be vastly easier to capture them earlier in their buying cycle, earlier in their potential funnel.

This means that somebody looking out for “Resorts in Bali” will also look out for “Places to visit in Bali”. Work on related keywords to drive traffic to your website from different sources. It looks difficult but is achievable!

This sort of strategic thinking is how you can make money with a new business, a new website in 2019, and it is vastly different from what you saw 10 years ago.

That’s all folks; we hope you enjoyed the video. For further assistance, you can reach us at TranzDigi, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai!

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