5 ways to help b2b marketer increase twitter followers

Probably the most famous social network platforms for Business-to-business marketers in Small to mid-size firms is Twitter. Twitter offers marketers an affordable opportunity to share content with anyone who follows their business’s Twitter feed. And with more than 270 million active users, Twitter provides a fantastic opportunity to create consciousness on top of the funnel for a potential audience. Sounds fantastic, right? . But hold on…  the key is to get followers. The info and content your company tweets are only seen by your followers.

How do you get individuals to follow your business on Twitter?

There are a lot of ways to get started building your followers, but there’s no silver bullet. Building your followers requires hard work and time. Creating an engaging Twitter feed that offers value to your own buyer personas is finally the best way to construct followers. But there are a number of things which you could do to assist you get started. Listed below are five:

Customize and optimize your Twitter profile

Before following your company, most individuals will look over your business’s profile. Ensure it’s appealing, informs the reader that you’re and provides a reason that they can follow you.

Use the logo and a concise message. Some companies change their profile graphics on a regular basis. For instance, each time that I visit the HubSpot profile, it’s got a graphic – typically one that’s promoting some kind of premium content. Here is how it looks today. If you look next week, it might be different. The significant thing is the graphics are eye catching and the text offers info for a follower to comprehend what you’re about.

Tweet all the time

Twitter feeds are always changing. If you look over your feed right now, it’ll be wholly different in just two hours.  The tweets which are there today will be buried by new ones. To be able to help keep your message near the top, you have to tweet 24/7. That does not mean you need typing tweets in any time of the night. It implies that you need to execute a plan and plan to share your message utilizing a tool that can help you automate the procedure. Plan ahead. Based on your overall plan, make tweets in advance utilizing a tool such as HootSuite or Buffer. At TranzDigi, we utilize HubSpot’s Social Inbox. It makes it possible for us to schedule tweets weeks in advance when we would like to. With a bit of planning, you can be tweeting 24/7 without too much work.

Make it possible for individuals to follow you

Your list of followers will develop faster if you do it possible for individuals to follow you. Put Twitter follow the buttons on your home page, your site and at the about us section of your site. Include it. In case your readers find your content engaging, then it’ll be easy for them to start following you and accessing your content on a daily basis through their very own Twitter feeds. For instance at Imagine, we comprise Twitter follow the buttons in the upper right corner of our site’s homepage. When you finish reading this post, click the button and just like this, you will be an Imagine Twitter follower.  It may be that easy for your prospects too.


Following others can be a terrific way to cultivate your very own collection of followers. Start with identifying business leaders and follow them. Use the search function on Twitter to discover bios which have your keywords. Follow the men and women you already know involving business partners, competitors and professional associations. Not only can this help to cultivate your followers, it’ll also helps you plan your content plan whenever you see what others in your business are tweeting about. Another simple way to locate followers would be to search for hashtags your buyer personas follow. Additionally, Twitter has a Who to Follow, attribute which can be helpful.

Make Twitter part of your overall marketing plan that is inbound

As part of your marketing plan that is inbound, you’re currently making content all the time for your client personas. Including blog posts, white papers, e-books, case studies, etc. All this content ought to be shared on Twitter. Make writing tweets part of the procedure. For instance, at Imagine whenever we complete a post, the copywriter also writes five tweets which go with the post. We do the same for our superior content. This can help to push Twitter followers into the content we have worked so hard to make for them. It will also be shared or retweeted and will lead to new followers. Twitter can be a part of your marketing strategy. Use these above quick tips to start growing your subscribers today.

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