5 Digital Marketing Trends to bid Adieu

The internet is a boon to the 21st century which has left its deep-rotted impact on our lives and changed the phase of mankind forever. Among its long list of perks, the Internet has changed the game of marketing which has made a huge shift to the digital medium. With nearly 450 million Indian users online, the dynamic platform of digital-marketing is evolving at an exorbitant rate. This also upgrades the prevalent trends and the ones that worked a few years ago might not work now, and newer more effective trends emerge. Let us take a look at few of the marketing trends which are outdated for today’s age and time and are replaced with their better and upgraded versions.

5 digital marketing

Let us check out the 5 Digital Marketing Trends to bid Adiue

Non Personalized Emailers

Don’t you get cranky when mass e-emailers are flooded in your inbox with deals or coupons that you aren’t interested in? This trend is dying (Thank God!) as the content might not be relatable to the audience you are sending it to. However, email marketing is very efficient when done correctly; and personalized emails have successfully de-throned mass emailers. Personalized emailers guarantee to fetch the audience’s attention, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. Along with mentioning your potential customer’s name, you can retarget them by what they were previously searching for, and present lucrative offers and deals to them based on their interests, demographics and past behavior on your website. This will pull them towards your website wanting for more and also leave them constantly refreshing their inbox in the quest for more such deals and offers.

The Notion of Quantity > Quality

Since a long time, brands have been blinded by the idea of flushing content on their sites for driving more traffic by putting up a series of posts and blogs. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest, you have to let go of the idea of ‘the more the merrier’. Your content should be of high quality and let the abundance take a back seat. Your content has to be interesting and engaging enough to sustain the attention of your viewers; and putting up a multitude of long average blogs which eventually fade away in the ocean of information doesn’t really add any value to your brand. Bombarding your target audience to convert them into customers is now a thing of past. Today, the outlook towards attracting traffic has changed 360 °, where brands are taking efforts to emotionally connect with their audience to lure them by showcasing a particular product, or branding, or highlighting a primary purpose through blogging. Couple this strategy with the right content amplification techniques to better reach out to your target audience.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter in spite of being a leading social media platform, is going downhill when it comes to marketing. Even though it posted higher revenue for the last financial year, its user base in India has not seen much of a significant growth. Brands are more inclined towards other mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube which are more effective and have a far better reach because of their higher number of active users. Along with this, the ROI incurred on these sites is different than that on Twitter; while Twitter fares well in genres like politics, news and entertainment, it procures a lukewarm response for other genres, and thus is not a preferred platform for all brands in India.

Short-form blog Content

Blogs are central for any business to prosper. They can attract traffic and boost your business by converting your target audience into loyal customers. Thus is it essential that your brand’s blogs are par excellence. However, if you want to shoot up the impact of your brand’s content marketing to its optimum, you have to abstain from using short-form content. An average blog would have the world length of roughly 800 words, but in order to rank well in Google this count should raise up to 1000 words. This can be done by an in-depth analysis, tons of research and loads of information. This will not only give your audience a better insight about your brand but also better your chances of ranking on page one of Google search. Incorporate various types of content in your blogs, videos and infographics to relatable memes and statistical research. Another important aspect is to optimize your content with relatable keywords and interlink your blogs to provide your audience with more relatable blogs and keep them hooked on to your website.  With this, your job is done! It is time to sit back and relax while watching customers herd to your website. On the other hand, apps like Inshorts are multiplying their market share because of their byte sized articles. Brands then have to decide their motive and purpose and accordingly experiment between the long-form and the short-form content.

Relying organic search on Facebook

You might be surprised to know that there is no such thing as organic search on Facebook anymore. Now, brands have to promote their posts and invest in Facebook ads to reach out to their target audience. Facebook’s new feature called ‘Explore Feed’ allows the viewers to view top relevant posts which are specially filtered out for them based on their interests, demographics and content consumption.

As we usually say ‘change is the only constant’ and the trends in digital marketing are no exception, which are subjected to change with the passing time. The lopsided or older trends will give way to newer and upgraded trends. It is time you threw the older trend practices in the bin and grace the upgraded ones. We hope our blog proved to be a helping hand that will get you ahead in the online curve. Just keep in mind to bid Adieu to these 5 Digital Marketing Trends.

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