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Today, there are many tips and tricks available online for writers to curate top-notch content. A lot of them publish superb content which is relevant, accurate and hardly has any loopholes. But, in spite of this, they are unable to drive traffic to their blog. This is because; there is more to the success of a blog or the blogger than the content itself. So, what can you do to drive traffic to your blog? Read on to find out the top 7 ways to increase traffic to your blog / website.

7 ways to Increase Traffic to your Blog

Add Visuals

People reciprocate more to visuals than to words. They stand out when employed in a blog, and can grab the reader’s attention in a jiffy. You can have a look at the examples on Instagram, Facebook Timeline, and Twitter. A visual can easily represent your idea and give the audience an insight regarding what you are talking about. Incorporate more of videos and infographics in your blog to communicate better with the audience. You can take the help of tools like Visme and Canva for making visuals within minutes!

Minimize the loading time of your blog

Imagine a site that just keeps on loading forever, wouldn’t you be irked and give up on reading it already? You
could possibly lose out on your valuable readers because of this mishap. To avoid such a situation, make sure
your blog is loading in fractions of seconds or in seconds. Be sure to minimize the plugins added in your website, as these add load to the website. Deploy an all-in-one plugin to make loading more efficient. Reduce or customize the size of the images as per the capacity of your website. You can do this by using tools like Smush.it or BJ Lazy Load for compressing the images.

Use sharing buttons on the posts

Posts with social sharing buttons get a better and greater response than those which don’t have such options
because obviously, more sharing means more traffic. Use catchy and precise headlines for social media platforms, along with hashtags and usernames.

Convert a visitor into a lead

Adding a lucrative CTA or call-to-action encourages the readers to take the desired action, be it moving on to another post, or subscribing to your list, or even visiting your blog again and again along with getting subscribed to your post notifications.

HARO is your Hero!

HARO aka ‘Help a Reporter Out’ is a kind of a ‘free publicity’ service that brings together the reporters and other
qualified resources on the same page. For getting started, you can opt for a free sign-up and briefly introduce yourself to HARO query that will help you in getting high-quality inbound links to your blog.

Use Quora to build your brand

Quora which a very popular question-answer platform is one of the pioneer ways of content marketing that will drive traffic to your blog. You get a chance to interact with 1.5 million monthly visitors, which ensures that the traffic remains across the world. One can promote oneself by posting own blog and article links as your resources in the answer box. You can also join communication threads to share your deep knowledge about a particular topic, which will help you stay connected with all the relevant topics.

Sharing is the key

As we say, ‘the more the merrier’, sharing the blogs more than once directly leads to more traffic for brands/businesses. If you share your blogs once and then forget about it, there are high chances that your ideas might not have reached your target audience. For a deeper penetration, you must share your blogs as many times as you can, but without going overboard with it. Use social media strategies tactfully to post

You should follow these rules blindly to meet your blog traffic goals. Stick to the contemporary content
creation and build on these 7 rules to garner high-quality inbound links and relevant traffic.

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